"But the centrepiece is the compositions – which are gorgeous and beautifully sampled by the ARC ensemble. Classical music aficionados tend to love the works that are most familiar, but even the most devoted fans of the three Bs will be moved by this thrilling music."

Exit: Music is a very moving documentary.  First of all, Simon Wynberg makes a superb guide through the stories of these banned musicians and composers, His passion, knowledge and natural command of the language reminded me of another Simon, Simon Schama on the history of Britain (I exaggerate not).  I thought some of the historical footage was riveting and not seen by me before. Moreover the stories are told in such a way that it will be compelling even to those who aren’t classical music lovers.  Above all, the point made that music drives fear into the blackest hearts of power is in its own bizarre way one of the most reassuring arguments for the very power of music.  And then there is the showcasing of the ARC ensemble itself, this wonderful chamber institution which has been carved out of the Royal Conservatory of Music and been given a special mission. Bravos to everyone involved in this project

Eric Friesen, broadcaster